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  • Key County Financial Statistics

    Key Financial Statistics Link

    A summary of County revenues and expenditures. Information includes tax rates and total tax amounts.

  • Debt Obligations

    County Debt Link

    Data, visualizations and reports outlining Travis County's debt obligations.

  • Economic Development

    County Economic Development Link

    Data, visualizations and reports outlining Travis County's economic development initiatives.

  • Economic Recovery

    County Economic Recovery Link

    COVID-19 interactive economic and resource impact data and downloads as well as resource lists.

  • Interactive Budget Data

    Budget Dashboard Link

    Dashboards showing the County Budget & Expenditures by Department, Funds & Expenditure Categories.

  • Vendor Payment Register

    Vendor Payment Register Link

    A tool to search County payments and see how they were applied to invoices and/or purchase orders.

  • Vendor Payment Details

    Vendor Payment Details Link

    VPD expands on VPR by detailing the cost information.

  • Economic Recovery - Housing Indicators
  • Travis County Pension metrics
  • Additional Economic Recovery interactive data