Vendor Invoices

Vendor Self-Service (VSS) is a search tool for Vendors and County Employees. Use it to:
  • Check the payment status of invoices and travel/expense reports.
  • Review invoice history and interactively select invoice data for export.

Vendor Payment Register

Vendor Payment Register (VPR) is a search tool for Vendors, County Employees and the general public. Use it to:
  • Search County payments.
  • Determine how specific payments were applied to invoices and/or purchase orders.
  • Review payment history and interactively select payment data for export.

Vendor Payment Details

Vendor Payment Details (VPD) expands on VPR by showing how the payments were applied and detailing the cost information. Use it to:
  • Reconcile payments to invoices or purchase orders across payment date ranges.
  • Understand how payments are applied to relevant departments, funds and expenditure/expense categories.
  • Review associated cost information and interactively select for export.

  • Vendor Payment Register (VPR) and Vendor Payment Details (VPD) just launched!
  • We changed a few things on the Home page.
  • The Help section got a tune up.
  • Check out the latest VSS updates.
  • Interactive Travis County Financial Data.
  • Consolidated County Check Register.
  • Consolidation of financial reports from Auditor web page and Financial Transparency Portal.

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