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What Are Vendor Payment Register (VPR) & Vendor Payment Details (VPD)

What is VPR

    The Vendor Payment Register (VPR) is a searchable/filterable payment register. From VPR users have quick access to additional details to reconcile how payments were applied to invoices and/or purchase orders.

  • Some users are familiar with Vendor Self-Service (VSS). VSS is invoice centric and provides users the status of invoices, including whether or not an invoice has been processed. VPR is payment centric and from a specific payment, users can determine which invoices and/or purchase orders were paid with a specific check or ACH.

  • A significant number of County payments are included in VPR as in VSS, such as payments made to vendors, employee mileage reimbursement and travel, etc. VPR does NOT represent total Travis County Expenses. For example, payroll and jury checks are not included. Separate registers will be developed for these in the future.

What is VPD
    Vendor Payment Details (VPD) lists all vendor payments by detail rather than the actual payment. This means a single payment may be listed multiple times as it is applied to invoices or purchase orders which were satisfied with a particular payment. Additionally, associated costs (Fund, Department & Expenditure/Expense Category) have been provided so that users may search by departments, invoices, payments, funds, etc.

    Be mindful when filtering data that it is possible to split payments across departments and funds.

What VPR and VPD are NOT

  • Intended to reflect all expenditures/expenses for departments listed in the Vendor Payment Details.
  • Payroll and jury payments are not included (separate registers will be added at a later date).
  • VPR and VPD only include paid invoices and are not budget documents. They do not account for timing differences, accruals, encumbrances, etc.

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