Exporting Data in VSS

Once you have sorted and filtered your invoices, they may be exported to Excel. Simply, click the Export to Excel button, located in the left hand corner above or below the table.

If you wish to export all UN-filtered invoices, you must click "Clear Search Criteria" and then click Export to Excel.

Important: The same check number and amount will display multiple times if a payment is associated with more than one invoice. To avoid over counting the payment amount in Excel, total the invoice amount instead of the check/ACH amount columns.

The exported file is in CSV format, which defaults to Microsoft Excel. The CSV file can also easily be imported to other database software such as MS Access, SQL, etc.

Note: If you will be exporting multiple filtered sets, it may be beneficial to refresh the data results periodically. This can be done by clicking "Refresh Data Results" in the primary Vendor table.

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