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Search by Vendor(s) in VPR & VPD

Searching for Vendors in both VPR and VPD is the same. The Vendor search dropdown requires a minimum of 3 characters to begin searching for potential vendor name matches. Once you’ve entered a least 3 characters, a list of potential matches will appear and you can scroll through the list to select the correct vendor.

General Steps

Searching for Specific Vendors:
Searching for a vendor by all or part of a vendor name is relatively simple. The search criteria can be the full name or part of the name of the vendor. If you've provided more than one word, then it will look for those words in consecutive order.

  1. Click in the Vendor box and enter at least 3 consecutive characters of the vendor name you wish to search. If you are unsure of the exact vendor name, then it is often better to limit your search and incrementally narrow the results by adding criteria.

    You can see that many results were returned where “office” is all or a portion of a vendor name and is positioned either at the beginning, middle or end.

  2. To further limit the search results, without having to scroll to find Office Depot in the returned results, simply add a space and then the first letter of the second word in the vendor name to your search criteria. See example in the image below.

  3. Now, simply select the vendors you want from the list. After being selected, they will appear as a "tag" in the select box and results will be returned in the table.

Need Additional Support?

For technical support
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For account related questions
email Accounts Payable at:

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*Let the receptionist know you have an account related question. They'll get you routed to the right folks to address your needs.