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Search by Calendar or Fiscal Year in VPR & VPD

You can search by calendar (CY) or fiscal year (FY) in VPR and VPD.

General Steps

Selecting a Year Type:
  1. Select either the Calendar or Fiscal Year radio button.
  2. Step 1 will reveal a dropdown menu where you can select one or more years to search by.

    • Once Selected
      • Once you’ve selected the year(s) for calendar year (Cal Yr) and then switch the Year Selection to fiscal year (Fis Yr), the option to select a Fiscal Year will be greyed out.

      • To enable the Fiscal Year dropdown, you must first switch back to a calendar year (Cal Yr) in Year Selection and remove the previously selected year(s) from the Calendar Year dropdown. You can then switch back to fiscal year (Fis Yr) and then choose the year(s) from Fiscal Year. (vice versa when switching from fiscal year (Fis Yr) to calendar year (Cal Yr).

Removing Selection(s):

  1. Using either of the 'X' you can clear the year(s) selected.

  2. The 'X' to the right of the dropdown menu will clear all selections at once (marked with the blue arrow). The 'X' to the left of the year tag will clear the single year.
  3. Once all years are cleared, then the other year type will be re-enabled.

Need Additional Support?

For technical support
email Team FSIR at:

 - or - 

512-854-8345   (M-F 8a-5p)

For account related questions
email Accounts Payable at:

 - or - 

512-854-9125   (M-F 8a-5p)

*Let the receptionist know you have an account related question. They'll get you routed to the right folks to address your needs.