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Financial Transparency Portal (FTP) Navigation

Need Additional Support?

For technical support
email Team FSIR at:

 - or - 

512-854-8345   (M-F 8a-5p)

For account related questions
email Accounts Payable at:

 - or - 

512-854-9125   (M-F 8a-5p)

*Let the receptionist know you have an account related question. They'll get you routed to the right folks to address your needs.

Top Navigation Bar & Page Navigation

The top navigation bar is fixed and displays at the top of each page. Click the Travis County Financial Transparency Portal link to go to the Home Page, regardless of the page.

On the right side of the navigation bar you can find site pages like "Contact Us", "Help &   Support" and "Applications" (VPR, VPD and VSS).


"Breadcrumbs" are provided on all pages (with the exception of the home page) as a secondary navigation feature. Breadcrumbs are links located under the page header. They show you your current location and allow you to navigate back to the previous page or jump back multiple pages without the use of the browser back button.

Sidebar Navigation

Sidebar navigation is found on the application pages. It offers quick navigation relevant to each application, including help related topics and access to relevant forms and information.

Because the VPR and VPD applications share relevant details, a quick link is also provided in the sidebar to jump between these applications.