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What are Reserves?

Reserves are County funds that are not part of the current year’s budget but can be accessed if needed.

Reserves Guidelines

  • General Fund and Debt Service Reserves The goal of the Commissioners Court is to maintain an Unallocated Reserve equal to between 10% and 12% of the total budgeted expenses for the combined General Fund, Road and Bridge, and Debt Service Funds. Historically, the individual reserve ratio for the Debt Service Fund has been higher than the reserve ratio for General Fund. It is the intent of the Commissioners Court that each of these two funds will eventually have reserves that are more equalized between the two funds.

  • Capital Acquisition Resource Account The County funds purchases of capital equipment through either short‐term debt or through a Capital Acquisition Resources Account (CAR). This account is established by an annual General Fund appropriation and it is intended to reduce the County’s reliance on short‐term debt. This account provides the Commissioners Court with increased flexibility on the use of these funds as well as the timing of their availability compared to Certificates of Obligation. The Commissioners Court has set a goal of having all equipment with a unit cost of at least $100,000 or less funded out of current funds through CAR, rather than from debt issuance.

  • Allocated Reserves The Commissioners Court may also wish to establish specialized reserves when it is known that a major future expenditure will occur in one or more subsequent years, to ease the impact on the future tax rate and to reduce the likelihood of sharp changes in revenue requirements. Such specialized reserves would anticipate major improvements in technology or facilities, unusually large anticipated staffing requirements required by law or as part of an approved plan, and other investments known to be so large that they should be phased over time.

  • Unallocated Reserves The Unallocated Reserve is not intended to be used for any purpose other than a serious public calamity or other emergency during the year. It is intended to establish the County’s fiscal soundness and is a key part of the County’s bond rating. Under special circumstances, the Court may choose to adopt a reimbursement resolution that allows a temporary transfer from the Unallocated Reserve which will be reimbursed within the same fiscal year from bond or Certificate of Obligation proceeds. All permanent expenditures from this reserve will be reported in detail in the County’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

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