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Browsers and Devices

Browser and Devices

  1. The Financial Transparency Portal and featured applications perform best in Chrome and Firefox.
  2. All major web browsers are supported including: Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge and Safari.
  3. Internet Explorer is not supported. Some of the portal may not display all items or behave as expected in IE.

  1. If you are experiencing slow response to search/filter requests, then it may be helpful to clear your browser cache.
  2. While most users will likely not experience any issues, browsers with cluttered cache may experience slower than normal responses. Clearing your cache should resolve performance concerns.

The development of the Financial Transparency Portal (FTP) and its applications and data have been geared toward being responsive on both personal computers and tablets.

  1. On smaller devices, horizontal scroll will be necessary when using any of the applications or pages with large tables, simply due to the amount of data available in the tables.
  2. While Android Phones can be used, the volume of data and size of the tables make it difficult to navigate.

Need Additional Support

For technical support
email Team FSIR at:

 - or - 

512-854-9125   (M-F 8a-5p)

For account related questions
email Accounts Payable at:

 - or - 

512-854-9125   (M-F 8a-5p)