About Vendor Self-Service (VSS)

VSS allows Vendors (including County Employees) to:

  • Check the payment status of a vendor invoice (or travel expense report).
  • Determine which invoices were paid with a specific check or ACH (direct deposit).
  • Review invoice history and interactively select for export.

How VSS and the Vendor Payment Register/Details (VPR & VPD) are different:

  • VSS is invoice centric. The VPR and VPD are payment centric.
  • VSS will include invoices that have been received but not yet paid. VPD and VPR only include paid invoices.
  • VSS searches invoices by specific vendors. This means you must first search for the vendor to see the associated invoices.
  • The VPR and VPD register include check or ACH Information, fund, department, payee, expenditure/expense category and cost information (portion of the payment applied to each) and can be searched by any of these attributes.

Need Additional Support?

For technical support
email Team FSIR at:


 - or - 

512-854-8345   (M-F 8a-5p)

For account related questions
email Accounts Payable at:


 - or - 

512-854-9125   (M-F 8a-5p)

*Let the receptionist know you have an account related question. They'll get you routed to the right folks to address your needs.