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Travis County Economic Development & Strategic Investments

Economic Recovery
COVID Impact &Resources

Travis County, in partnership with several entities identified below, developed this dashboard to provide the public and local leaders information to better understand how government’s actions to control the transmission of the COVID-19 virus impacts the local economy. While focused on data which identifies tension points related to employment, businesses, the economy, financial markets, housing, child care and social services, the dashboard also contains resources and information available to assist those experiencing financial stress.

This work grew out of the Economic Recovery Taskforce convened by the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce with an affiliated work group that includes representatives from the Austin Chamber, Workforce Solutions Capital Area, Capital Area Council of Governments, Austin Community College, City of Austin and Travis County.

A few considerations before you enter the dashboard:

  • This dashboard is a work in progress focused on providing time sensitive data in an interactive format.
  • Publicly accessible data has a lag time, meaning that the effects of COVID-19 may not show in much of the economic data sets traditionally tracked; it may take several months to fully understand the scale of the impact. As a result, certain metrics have been prioritized because more “real-time” data is available.
  • The hum of the economy is interdependent on a variety of factors. Non-traditional metrics may be used as a proxy to understand the economic impact as we wait for more traditional metrics to catch up.
  • The purpose of this tool is not data analysis, but data accessibility with interactive features. The data behind the dashboard is available for export.
  • Looking for data analysis? Check out the resource table. News articles and analytic reports are linked.
  • Have a suggestion for a metric, a technical glitch or a resource we don’t have listed? Click on any of the live links to the Economic Recovery Development Team from the right side support panel on all pages.


Impact to unemployment claims and availability of jobs



Impact to the housing market such as available housing stock



Impact to the state and local economy such as GDP growth


Financial Markets

Impact to financial markets such as cost and availability of capital



Impact to businesses especially small businesses


Child Care

Impact to child care and availability for essential workers


Social Services

Impact to basic need support services such as food distribution and rental assistance


All Resources

Available resources to help individuals and businesses


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Economic Development
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