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Summary & Interactive Data

This data is purchased from a foreclosure listing service and reflects properties posted for auction (posted for auction indicates pre-foreclosure status, and reflects a risk of foreclosure). A foreclosure posting may or may not result in an actual foreclosure. The same property may be included in the list for foreclosure auction multiple times over a series of months or even years. Therefore some duplication does exist within these foreclosure postings annual totals; duplicate postings would indicate households finding themselves at risk of foreclosure multiple times.

Mortgage Foreclosures

Texas is a non-judicial foreclosure state. This means in most cases, banks and mortgage companies do not need court permission to foreclose. Whenever an individual defaults on his or her mortgage, the bank only needs to follow the requirements of the Texas Property Code.

If the property is homesteaded, the trustee (an attorney appointed by the bank) must send the defaulting owner a default, or demand, letter that must precede by 20 days any public posting of the property for foreclosure. This letter is a private letter, is not filed in county records, and is not available to the public.

If the property is not homesteaded, or if the 20 days required above lapses, the trustee will post a notice of the pending foreclosure most commonly referred to as a trustee sale notice. This notice must be posted no later than 21 days before the scheduled foreclosure sale.

Tax Foreclosures

Tax foreclosures in Texas are judicial foreclosures and require court permission before a foreclosure can proceed and are governed by the Texas Tax Code. After a court grants permission to foreclose, notices are posted 21 days before the sale just as are mortgage foreclosure notices and the auctions occur the first Tuesday of any month.

Like the other sections of this dashboard, static and interactive features are available on this page. Navigation tools on the left hand side support bar allow easy movement between the pages of the economy dashboard and other sections of the dashboard. These data sets are more complicated so we have provided a list of key terms, accessible on every page, to help with clarity. As will be noted throughout this dashboard, some data sets have a lag time showing the impacts of COVID-19.

Note on data: During COVID-19, moratoriums were placed on some types of foreclosures which impact the number of foreclosures filed beginning in March 2020. Once the moratoriums are lifted, it is anticipated that foreclosure filings will rise sharply.

Summary Data

Foreclosures Data

This data set is available at the zip code level. The data cards below show information about the previous month, the current month and the percent change between the two, providing a quick reference to how many foreclosures are occurring. A percent change in green with a yellow arrow indicates the indicator is moving in a positive direction for the economy. A percent change in yellow with a red arrow indicates the indicator is moving in a negative direction.








   -37.40 %

Month Change


  -10.47 %

Year Change

Interactive Data

To interact with the data, click on one or more of the data points and the charts, tables and graphs will adjust based on the data points you choose. Click on the “Reset All” button to start anew. If you want to download the data behind the dashboard, you will find an export button just below the charts and graphs.

Foreclosures by Year
Foreclosures by Month
By Original and Assessed Values
By City

City Counts
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Zip Counts

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Please Note:This data is purchased from Foreclosure Listing Service, Inc.
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