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Texas Leading Index
Summary & Interactive Data

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas’ Texas Leading Index is a single summary statistic that sheds light on the future of the state's economy. The index is a composite of eight leading indicators—those that tend to change direction before the overall economy. They include the Texas value of the dollar, U.S. leading index, real oil price, well permits, initial claims for unemployment insurance, Texas stock index, help-wanted index, and average weekly hours worked in manufacturing.

Just like the other sections of this dashboard, static and interactive features are available on this page. You will find navigation on the left hand side support bar to allow easy movement between the pages of the economy dashboard as well as to other sections of the dashboard.

These data sets are more complicated so we have provided a list of key terms, accessible on every page, for clarity. As will be noted throughout this dashboard, some data sets have a lag time showing the impacts of COVID-19.

Data Notes: Monthly, seasonally adjusted, Index, October 1987=100, Downloaded from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Summary Data

Texas Leading Index

This data set is available the State level only.

The data cards below show information about the previous month, the current month and the percent change between the two, providing a quick reference to how the state economy is fairing. A percent change in green with a yellow arrow indicates the indicator is moving in a positive direction for the economy. A percent change in yellow with a red arrow indicates the indicator is moving in a negative direction.








   3.19 %

Month Change


  -16.98 %

Year Change

Interactive Data

To interact with the data, click on one or more of the elements in the bar charts. All other charts will adjust based on the data points you chose. The 1-12 labels on the X axis of the graph stand for the number of the month, meaning 1=January and 12=December.

Single elements can be de-selected individually by clicking them again. Click on the “Reset All” button to start anew. To download the data behind the dashboard, click on the export button just below the charts and graphs.

Index Average by Year
Index by Month
Change by Month

Export underlying dashboard Data      Export Data

This data is provided monthly once the information is considered public. Data is provided to the dashboard as a subset of data sources from  Dallas Fed

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