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Sales Tax Revenue
Summary & Interactive Data

The Texas Comptroller’s Office reports sales tax revenue by entity that receives sales tax revenue on a monthly basis. The entities that receive sales tax revenue in Travis County are cities, emergency services districts (ESD) and Metropolitan Transit Areas. As economic activity declines, sales tax revenue declines which impacts the budgets of these entities resulting in less funding for services. It is important to note that sales tax revenue can lag as much as 60 days or more, meaning it may take some time to show the impact of any economic downturn.

Just like the other sections of this dashboard, static and interactive features are available on this page. You will find navigation on the left hand side support bar to allow easy movement between the pages of the economy dashboard as well as to other sections of the dashboard.

These data sets are more complicated so we have provided a list of key terms, accessible on every page, for clarity. As will be noted throughout this dashboard, some data sets have a lag time showing the impacts of COVID-19.

Summary Data

City Of Austin

This data set is available by individual entity and broad categories of entities. The data cards below show the amount of sales tax reported for the City of Austin. All other entities in the Austin/Travis County region can be found in the Interactive Data section.

The data cards below show information about the previous month, the current month and the percent change between the two, providing a quick reference to how the local economy is faring. A percent change in green with a yellow arrow indicates the indicator is moving in a positive direction for the economy. A percent change in yellow with a red arrow indicates the indicator is moving in a negative direction.







   7.34 %

Month Change


  -10.82 %

Year Change

Interactive Data

The Sales Tax Revenue data provides the total sales tax revenue, by year and month, as well as the related entity category, type, and percent change. Click on one or more of the chart elements and all other charts will adjust based on the data points you chose.

Click on the “Reset All” button to start anew. To download the data behind the dashboard, click on the export button just below the charts and graphs.

NOTE: To evaluate the monthly percentage change, you must select a geographic region from the Category chart. The percentage change should only be evaluated by a single category. You can narrow the geographic regions by first selecting a Type from the row chart.

Totals by Year
Totals by Month

To see the percentage change by month, select a geographic region from the Category pie chart.
Percentage Change by Year & Month
Year Month MonthNo Type Category Total Sales Tax Revenue

Export underlying dashboard Data      Export Data

This data is provided monthly once the information is considered public. Data is provided to the dashboard from  Texas Comptroller for each incorporated area in Travis County, ESD in Travis County, and Austin MTA.

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