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Travis County Budget vs. Actual Dashboard

Data Last Updated 11/26/2020

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*Use the drop-down menus and/or click a label in the charts to interact with the data.

Expenditures or Revenue

Fiscal Year

Fund Type


Budgeted Expenditures

Actual Expenditures

NOTE:Totals reflect the departments filtered below. To see a sum of all County Departments, select " All Departments " or " Top 10 + "

Functional Area
(*General Government includes Reserves & Debt Services.) What is a Functional Area?

Expenditure Category Grouping
(Roll-up Groups)

Revenue Category Grouping (Roll-up Gp)
(Roll-up Groups)

Expenditures and Budget by Department

Revenue and Budget by Department

The table reflects items based on filters set above. To download the entire County budget select "Top 10+" or "All" from departments and ensure no filters are selected in the charts.

Fiscal Year Fund Department Functional Area Expenditure Category Adopted Budget Revised Budget YTD Expenditures Commitments YTD Remaining Budget