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Travis County Budget vs. Actual Dashboard

Data Last Updated 11/26/2020

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*Use the drop-down menus and/or click a label in the charts to interact with the data.

Expenditures or Revenue

Fiscal Year

Fund Type


Budgeted Expenditures

Actual Expenditures

Functional Area
(*General Government includes Reserves & Debt Services.) What is a Functional Area?

Expenditure Category Grouping
(Roll-up Groups)

Revenue Category Grouping (Roll-up Gp)
(Roll-up Groups)

Top 10 Departments
(Budgets Ranked 1-10, + All Other Department Budgets Combined)

Expenditures and Budget by Department

Revenue and Budget by Department

The table reflects items based on filters set above. To download the entire County budget remove any filters from the charts.

Fiscal Year Fund Department Functional Area Expenditure Category Adopted Budget Revised Budget YTD Expenditures Commitments YTD Remaining Budget